Sunday, June 29, 2008

Black Flag "The Complete 1982 Demos Plus More!"

Black Flag's 1982 demo sessions are the only recorded material where Chuck Biscuits plays drums. Two songs on the demos, "What Can You Believe" and "Yes, I Know," don't appear on any official Black Flag releases. Bill Stevenson plays drums on tracks 11 -14.

  1. "What Can You Believe" (2:57)
  2. "Yes, I Know" (2:36)
  3. "Slip It In" (5:26)
  4. "Modern Man" (2:40)
  5. "My War" (3:33)
  6. "Black Coffee" (5:04)
  7. "Beat My Head Against The Wall" (2:21)
  8. "Can't Decide" (5:22)
  9. "I Love You" (3:32)
  10. "Nothing Left Inside/Scream" (11:33)
  11. "I Love You"
  12. "My War"
  13. "Interview"
  14. "Swinging Man"

Slip It In here

Friday, June 27, 2008

Metal in Iran

I feel it is very important for more music fans to know about what is going on in Iran. On the news, we hear so many negative things about Iran and its people which I think are unfair and unwarranted. One way we can try to understand each other more is through the message of music.
To know that they are the same as we are inside and to know that we must discard attempts by the media to infect us with fear which only induces hatred among the people inhabiting this earth is the best weapon we can have to fight ignorance.

Iranian death metal exists and it's not going away any time soon. And we shouldn't want it to. It can build a bridge to better understanding between the East and the West. It's all up to us.


: After years of listening to various different types of music, and attempting to understand their deeper meanings, I found that there is one style of music that gives true happiness and enlightens the soul, that music is death metal. There are no concerts. CD's are expensive, and vinyl is not available. MP3s are available, but only the low quality formats. Welcome to Iran where three friends published a book about DEATH. This information is only useful for those who are interested in knowing about the lives of headbangers in Iran. It has been really exciting for me to finally write about some of the wonderful things that have happened here. I hope to open your eyes to a different way of life, where the availability of CD's (from every genre) is minimal, compared to the relatively easy access found in the United States, Europe and the Far-east (places where this availability is often taken for granted. We would like to extend our thanks to the Emperor of Metal, Chuck Schuldiner whose inspiration gives us strength. Mohammad Pazhutan.

Read the rest here:

Metal In Iran

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Aus Rotten "The System Works...For Them" 1996

The title of this release from Pittsburgh PA's anarchist punk band Aus Rotten (in German it means "to exterminate") is not any more true than today. Intense, angry and political, this band will never go out of style! The intro of this just slaps you in the face and makes you think, "What the hell are we doing to ourselves?"
In 2001, Aus-Rotten disbanded and some members now play in Behind Enemy Lines and Caustic Christ.

Because of donkeys like this:

We need Aus Rotten.

Smash the status quo here

The Rough Guide To Arabic Café

One of the best Arabic music comps I've heard in awhile, The Rough Guide To Arabic Café is chock full of incredible vocals, drums and beautiful sounds that almost make you imagine you're sitting inside a little smoky café, imbibing on sheesha and drinking some nice, hot tea, somewhere far off from the urban sprawl of America. Let all your worries drift away as you take a trip into the Arabic Café.
I found this on the We Love Music blog. Thank you, We Love Music!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Boy Sets Fire "After the Eulogy" 2000

From Delaware, post hardcore band Boy Sets Fire's 2000 CD, After the Eulogy.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Maggot Sandwich "Get Off the Stage" 1987

Formed in 1984 here in Pensacola, Florida, Maggot Sandwich became the most well known punk band in the state. Formed by Vik Kaos and his brother Steev, Maggot Sandwich was not the first name for the band. When they first started jamming together, they called the band Kaos but it turned out there were a lot of bands with that name already so they went with the tasty Maggot Sandwich. Vik Kaos formed his own label, KML Records, around 1985 and released a 7 inch, Dead To My World. Five hundred copies were pressed. Two years later, the full length LP Get Off the Stage was released. Around this time I believe Vik Kaos published a zine called Maggot Sandwich. Speaking of zines, MS received several record reviews in Maximum Rock n Roll, including a Pensacola scene report. They opened for a lot of bands you already love: Suicidal Tendencies, Dead Kennedys, Adrenalin O.D., SNFU, Government Issue, The Descendants, Agnostic Front, DRI, Henry Rollins, Bad Brains , Circle Jerks and Raw Power.
In the mid-90's, I was working in a local indy record store when someone came across an old stash of Maggot Sandwich LPs, 7 inchers of Headless Marines and a ton of Headless Marines and Maggot Sandwich stickers. We ended up selling the whole stash which made us feel a bit nostalgic for the old days. Enjoy!


Friday, June 20, 2008

Sweetbelly Freakdown 1997

I remembered why I liked this so much when I first heard it. D.C.'s Sweetbelly Freakdown was former bandmates Swiz, who broke up in the early 90's. When they reformed, they changed their name and their sound. My favourite song is "Pleas to the Action Figure" - “Help me Obi Wan Kenobi!…Jesus doesn’t seem to be listening” yells vocalist Shawn Brown, hailing the power of plastic! Their only full length CD was released by Jade Tree Records and SF released a 7 inch, The Long Haul, which contained the title track and MCR. I still think this is a hell of a CD. And I still like Swiz.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sorry "Imaginary Friend"

Sorry formed in Boston back in the 1980's. I originally got to check them out on another blog and found they stood out as more energetic and pulled no punches when it came to interpreting the Boston punk scene in their own unique way.
After the band called it quits, David Kleiler and Chuck Hahn eventually moved on to play in the Volcano Suns.
Sorry vocalist Jon Easley went on to play in the more popular and successful
NYHC sXe style band Burn before passing away in 1998.
The record label Radiobeat released "Imaginary Friend". I don't think punk fans will be disappointed with this under-appreciated 80's band. Check 'em out!


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Téléphone - Anna 1977

Way back in 1981, I first heard Téléphone, an incredibly good band from Paris, France. My best friend let me borrow a copy of one of their LPs and I've been hooked ever since. And who could ever forget the insert of the LP she lent me, with all 4 members posing nude, but the guys posed with their penises between their legs which I found hilarious. I have never gotten tired of listening to this band even though most of their lyrics were in French. I listened to them so much I memorized the lyrics in French although a lot of times I had no idea what the hell I was saying. Téléphone was one of the most popular bands ever in France. The band parted ways in the spring of 1986. Lead singer and guitar player, Jean-Louis Aubert, went on to a successful solo career.


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dust self titled 1971

Dust released only 2 albums on Kama Sutra guessed it...turning to dust, which was a shame. Out of the tons of psychedelic rock bands that were churning out records back in the psychedelic era, Dust was among the cream of the crop. Mark Bell, the drummer, went on to play in Richard Hell and the Voidoids and worked with The Ramones. I think one of the best things about this LP was the bluesy slide guitar that really jazzed up its sound. I ripped this self titled LP from the vinyl and tracks three and four run together so your download will show only six tracks when there are truly seven on the LP. Cracks and pops are free! Enjoy!

1. Stone Woman 4.00
2. Chasin' Ladies 3.33
3. Goin' Easy 4.30
4. Love Me Hard 5.25
5. From A Dry Camel 9.47
6. Often Shadows Felt 5.08
7. Loose Goose 3.54


The Obsessed "The Church Within" 1994

A few months ago I came across this CD at the local pulga market and bought it. It was sealed and cost me 25 cents. For 25 cents, I'd take the risk of buying a CD and see if I liked it. It was a good risk because it turned out to be a great CD with that heavy, mean sound I like so much. The Church Within reminds me a lot of Black Sabbath with the riffs and the vocals. I didn't really expect the vocals to sound like they did with this band as I thought for sure they'd be more grinding and screaming. But they're not and that's alright with me.


Sunday, June 8, 2008

River Roses "When We Fall" 1991

This is an out of print gem on Rough Trade Records. River Roses When We Fall was released in 1990 on San Jacinto Records, Tucson, Arizona. When We Fall was River Roses second release on the San Jacinto label, which was owned by The Sidewinders band member Rich Hopkins. If you're a fan of Uncle Tupelo, Wilco, Son Volt, Blue Mountain, Jayhawks and Whiskeytown, you'll no doubt like this obscure alternative country CD.

Download here

The Cows

The Cows formed in 1987 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They had an unusual sound infusing horns, noise, and occasional obnoxious lyrics mixed with a wacky, weird sense of humour. Their first LP, Taint Pluribus Taint Unum, was released on Treehouse Records in 1987. It's sadly out of print but available here. It was never released on CD.

Download here

Iranian Death Metal

Among the crowded streets of its capital Tehran, on to Isfahan and up northeast to Mashad near the Turkmenistan border, death metal is thriving in a place of the world you'd never thought possible - Iran. In an area of the world many people find mysterious and misunderstood, lies a way of life that is much more like our own here in the U.S.A. than we ever could imagine.
Even in a country where religion seems to rule the land, bands like Arsames, ArthimotH and SDS aren't letting the mollahs get in the way of their desire to create a new life through their music and self expression while resisting the status quo.

Here is Arsames during practise in Mashad

Arsames website

Listen to their song Cyclopia here.

SDS (Seven Deadly Sins) from Isfahan

ArthimotH Baptized video

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Salmagundi Music

Salmagundi is a synonym for hodgepodge. Syncopation is another synonym for the word music. This blog will help me deal with my addiction to music, out of print vinyl and CDs and maybe turn some other people around the world onto some music they may not have heard before. Here we go!