Tuesday, November 17, 2015


a little thrash, punk and some snotty vocals
The guitarist, Larry LaLonde is best known for his work with Les Claypool and Primus.


A1 Roll Of The Dice 3:08
A2 Freedom To Express 2:33
A3 I Don't Know 2:19
A4 Elsewhere 3:05
A5 American Dream 2:41
A6 Stop And Think 2:23
A7 Big Man 1:24
A8 Dreams 3:15
B1 Peer Pressure 3:06
B2 Friendly Environment 2:52
B3 Weapons Of War 2:27
B4 I'm Not Smiling 2:16
B5 Thoughts Of Smog And Slums 5:04
B6 The Forgotten War 1:57
B7 Ignorance To The Law Is No Excuse 2:23

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

PLAID RETINA Mind Tracing The Going Down 1991

ripped at 320kbps from my own CD 


1 Cats And Dogs
2 Myopia
3 Contradiction
4 All Talk
5 Fiends In My Genes
6 Worthless
7 A Crooked Day
8 What Gives?
9 Scary Monsters
10 Mind Tracing The Going Down

DEMENTED ARE GO Who Put Grandma Under The Stairs? 1996

Welsh psychobilly


1 Love Seeps Like A Festering Sore
2 Zombie Stalk
3 Queen Of Disease
4 One Sharp Knife
5 Mongoloid
6 Where You Gonna Go
7 Call Of The Wired
8 Pervy In The Park
9 PVC Chair
10 Cast Iron Arm
11 Holy Hack Jack
12 Country Woman
13 Anal Wonderland
14 Clitoris Bite Boogie
15 Red River, Bloody Staircase
16 Brand New Corpse
17 Who Put Grandma Under The Stairs?
18 Be Bop A Lula
19 Human Slug
20 Nightlife
21 The Chase
22 Got Good Lovin'
23 House Of Blood
24 Satan's Rejects

Barefoot & Pregnant, An Arkansas Compilation 1997

Punk from around Van Buren, Arkansas


1 Captain Everything Hellcity
2 Punkinhead Yelloweyes
3 Mindrage (2) Destructive Patterns
4 Ashtray Babyheads Chesterfield
5 Bailey's The Jennifer Jason Leigh
6 Burned Up Bled Dry Grain Of Salt
7 Burned Up Bled Dry Razors
8 Elliot (16) The Narrowing List
9 Mistletones Lowlife
10 Nessie (6) Big Hairy Pie Ken
11 Total Knockouts Tomorrow Never Come
12 Rash Of Beatings Prodigy
13 Sickshine Threnogy
14 Corpsodomy Limbaugh Limbless
15 Captain Everything Trailer Park Funk

MAN SIZED ACTION Claustrophobia LP 1983

punk/post punk




A1 Pressure Relief
A2 Bubble Bursts
A3 Who's Kiddin' Who
A4 Don't Wanna
A5 Private Eye
B1 Self Respect
B2 My Life
B3 Looking At You
B4 Yea
B5 Claustrophobia