Tuesday, September 21, 2010

CHARLES BUKOWSKI Poems and Insults

This post is dedicated to my best buddy who without his ability to make things so much better, I would believe that shit and death is everywhere.

RAPED Complete Raped Punk Collection 1978

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MEAT SHITS Ecstasy of Death

Get your misogyny here.

Meat Shits is a band I'd never heard of when I decided to let Bob A. and Pat R. have their own radio show. Let me rephrase that. Until I let them have their own show. Holy motherfucking shit. They were playing this meatcore so loud in the studio and I walked in and asked, "Who the fuck is this?" They yelled "The Meat Shits!" And I just laughed my ass off at the fucked up music coming out of the speakers. I loved every minute of it. Told them to carry on. Which they did with reckless abandon. Those were the good old days.
Bow to the Penis God, Cock Rock Faggots!

I'd kill to have a Meat Shits shirt!

FANG Landshark / Where the Wild Things Are

One of my favorite bands to play on my radio show because no one apparently knew who they were and I'd play the most fucked up songs on the CD. Yep. Suck n fuck. Everybody Makes Me Barf. Skinheads Smoke Dope.

The money will roll right in.