Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rural Civil Defense TV Spots

Thursday, December 8, 2011

D.I. On the Western Front


by Chris True

Essentially vocalist Casey Royer surrounded by an ever-changing lineup of sidemen, D.I. got its start in Orange County, CA, in 1982. After honing his chops as drummer in the original lineup of Social Distortion, Royer put together D.I. and released their first self-titled EP soon after. A 1984 appearance in the Penelope Spheeris film Suburbia gained the band notoriety, and further credibility was established when ex-Adolescents guitarist Rikk Agnew (also of the original » Read more

Sunday, August 21, 2011

MAX ROACH All Africa


by Richard S. Ginell

In a profession star-crossed by early deaths -- especially the bebop division -- Max Roach was long a shining survivor, one of the last giants from the birth of bebop. He and Kenny Clarke instigated a revolution in jazz drumming that persisted for decades; instead of the swing approach of spelling out the pulse with the bass drum, Roach shifted the emphasis to the ride cymbal. The result was a lighter, far more flexible texture, giving drummers more freedom to explore the possibilities of their drum kits and drop random "bombs" on the snare drum, while allowing bop virtuosos on the front lines to play at faster speeds. To this base, Roach added sterling qualities of his own -- a ferocious drive, the ability to play a solo with a definite storyline, mixing up … » Read more

Monday, August 8, 2011

MEREL Discography 1995

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Thursday, July 28, 2011


"Youth can be a minefield: drugs, sex, violence, and peer pressure. One group has an extreme way of dealing with it. They call themselves Straight Edge, and while they are being classified as a violent gang in areas such as Salt Lake City and Reno, they aren't like any other gang you know: they reject drugs, drinking, smoking, and even casual sex. They're rebels against a society in which everything goes. National Geographic goes inside this growing youth movement caught between being a refuge for Americas kids and a dangerous gang wanted by authorities."

DL part 1
DL part 2

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Attitude is a 2003 documentary about the skinhead subculture, made by Daniel Schweizer. It outlines the history of 40 years of the skinhead subculture, beginning with the most recent versions of the culture. One of the topics it explores is the political component, which ranges from far left to far right. The film describes the transformation and radicalisation of this youth subculture.


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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Opal Assembly 1

1. Brian Eno - Creation Of The Universe
2. Roger Eno - Ringinglow
3. Harold Budd - Balthus Bemused By Color
4. Hugo Largo - Scream Tall
5. Brian Eno - Saint Tom
6. Roger Eno - Dust At Dawn (The Last Cowboy In The West)
7. Harold Budd - The Kiss
8. Roger Eno/Brian Eno - For Opera
9. Hugo Largo - Second Skin
10. Laraaji - Zaragoza

Thursday, March 31, 2011


At the University of West Florida's exemplary library , located here in Pensacola, Florida, I found a DVD of Vintage Oil Industry Cartoons which span from 1935 to 1956. I decided to share the DVD here because it's an interesting foray into early and mid 20th century propaganda. The film also has other engaging hallmarks including the graphics and artwork. Check it out - it's upped to Mediafire for fast download.

Rare Petroleum & Oil Industry Propaganda Cartoon Collection (from Oil & Energy Propaganda Films Collection)
Cartoons and Animation Table of Contents: (1) Down the Gasoline Trail (1935) - Cartoon that follows the life of a drop of gasoline as it travels through a car. Fascinating film to say the least. Length: 00:07:57 (2) Destination Earth (1956) - Aliens come to Earth and learn how humans need oil to survive. Classic propaganda here. Length: 00:13:36 (3) Extra (Esso Screen Ad) (1938) - Short ad with animation by Esso Gasoline Company. Length: 00:01:00 (4) Inside Story of Modern Gasoline (1946) - Shows how gasoline is used and and how it is refined. Length: 00:22:31

DVD is approximately 45 minutes.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Best Hotel on Skid Row 1990

Filmed in and narrated by Charles Bukowski, The Best Hotel on Skid Row
was released in 1990 by HBO's America Undercover series. The movie revolves around a group of characters who live in an old crumbling hotel in downtown Los Angeles, skid row central.
It's an interesting 48 minutes of voyeurism, peeking into the lives of the down and out and struggling.
There could not be a better choice for narrating the film that Charles Bukowski. Wow. Perfect.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Temple of Set Battles The Christians

"Bob Larson confronts Satanism's First Family of black magic, Nikolas Schreck and Zeena Schreck. Their philosophy of the occult with shock you as they explain their devotion to Set, the ancient Egyptian Lord of Darkness. This video is an inside look at the most dangerous form of Satanism in America, the threat to the church and our children. Your faith will be challenged and strengthened when you see first-hand what Satanists really believe and why they reject Christ."

Interesting video about the clash between 2 parties of believers. Each one believes they are right and the other wrong. I think they are both wrong. Others may believe I am wrong.
Watch for yourselves and decide what you think.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I NEED THAT RECORD documentary

This documentary exposes the changes in our still relatively new internet world. It started with the MP3. That was the beginning of the end for thousands of record stores across the United States.

If you've ever felt the excitement when you cross the threshold of an indie record store and not knowing where in the store to start searching, this is the movie for you. It will bring back all the memories of friendships and bands formed in record stores and how they were an important part of the music scene just as much as any band was.

Hope you enjoy it.

My dream is to record shop in Amoeba.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

IGGY POP Heroin Hates You 1979

Iggy Pop Live at the Stardust Ballroom, 1979

with Brian James and Glen Matlock as the backing band

By request


01. Real Cool Time
02. Knockin' 'Em Down in the City
03. Take Care of Me
04. Dog Food
05. You Really got Me! (Van Halen)
06. New Values
07. TV Eye
08. Play it Safe
09. Funtime
10. One for My Babe (Frank Sinatra)
11. China Girl
12. Five Foot One
13. No Fun