Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Oh yes, habibi.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Man Will Surrender Instrument EP
Conversion Records 1994

Lance Webber: Vocals
Frosty (Chain of Strength): Guitar
Ron Vickers: Bass
Bryan Bos: Percussion
"Growls" on Unknown Travel by Tim Russell

Castrato EP 1995
Conversion Records

Lance: Vocals
Frosty: Guitar
Rob: Drums
Ron Vickers: Bass

Five On The Dime
1996 Equal Vision Records

Lance: Vocals
Frosty: Guitar
Scott Ellis: Drums
Ron Vickers: Bass

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Serpico's final release was Rumble on Equal Vision Records. It wasn't long after that that Serpico called it quits. After all these years I still listen to my Serpico CDs and still have my 7 inch records. In 1995 - 1996, I began corresponding with John Lisa and Michael DeLorenzo, both guitarists in the band. Often, Michael would call me up during the day when he worked at a New York comic book store, no doubt running up their long distance phone bill. He sent me the LP of his new band, C.R., which was a far cry from Serpico. The band was also featured in my zine, Trailer Trash #4. Unfortunately I never got to see them live. And I had to get over my girl crush on Michael who never knew about my crush.
In January 2009, Serpico reunited for a one night show at Martini Red, a Staten Island club. Telenko, the original singer also known as Apples, was there. There is also an interesting interview with the band. Someone even made a video of the reunion.

STILLSUIT At the Speed of Light 1996

I'm one of those people who liked almost anything produced by Don Fury, and Stillsuit was no exception. Quicksand was one of the most well known hardcore bands produced by Fury and Stillsuit has that Don Fury sound. This was their one and only full length release on TVT Records. Stillsuit also released a CD EP and double 7 inch, Green Spock Ears, on the Wreck-Age label. If you like NYHC, you won't be disappointed with At The Speed of Light.

Friday, June 12, 2009

CHROME Alien Soundtracks & Alien Soundtracks II

Alien Soundtracks & Alien Soundtracks II CD (Dossier DCD 9011) was my special weapon during my record store managing days. If one of our regular annoying customers would come in, I'd put this CD on to try and run them out of the store. Sometimes it worked. This still is one of my favourite Chrome releases, and I upped this one because I didn't see this particular version on any other blog. At the punk rock club where I'd often go see bands after work, I would always play a long Chrome song to get more out of my hard earned quarter. Enjoy! And leave a comment, for Damon's sake!