Monday, December 29, 2008

NO NEW YORK Compilation 1978

From Wikipedia:
"No New York is a compilation album released in 1978 by Antilles Records under the curation of producer Brian Eno. Although it only contained songs by four different artists, it is considered by many to be the definitive single album documenting New York City's late-1970s No Wave movement. The album became well-known in underground rock circles..."

1. Dish It Out - James Chance
2. Flip Your Face - James Chance
3. Jaded - James Chance
4. I Can't Stand Myself - James Chance
5. Burning Rubber - Lydia Lunch
6. The Closet - Lydia Lunch
7. Red Alert - Lydia Lunch
8. I Woke up Dreaming - Lydia Lunch
9. Helen Fordsdale - Mars
10. Hairwaves - Mars
11. Tunnel - Mars
12. Puerto Rican Ghost - Mars
13. Egomaniac's Kiss - DNA
14. Lionel - DNA
15. Not Moving - DNA
16. Size - DNA

Flip Your Face


Got to say I like this as much as the official release!

Tinderbox demos

Link is fixed!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hossein Behroozinia was born in 1962 in Tehran, Iran. He studied Tar with Reza Vohdaney, Barbat with Mansour Nariman and the Radif with Mohammad Reza Lotfi. He was a student at the Conservatory of Persian Music, and later the Music Director of Ensemble Khaleghi as well as the Director of Music Education at the Center of the Preservation Persian Music. He has performed and collaborated with many of the prominent music ensembles in Iran including Aref and Mowlana and joined Dastan Ensemble in 1992. Hossein Behroozi-Nia has played a key role in restoring a Persian musical identity to the instrument which has been under the influence of Arabic music for hundreds of years. He is currently resides in Vancouver, Canada where he teaches the Barbat. From wonderful music blog We Love Music.


Rough Guide To Music of Iran 2006

This is an excellent compilation of Iranian music, some contemporary but most leaning towards Persian classical music.

Music of Iran

TELEPHONE Au Coeur De La Nuit

I've been a fan of Telephone since the very early 80's when my best friend, Lisa, had gotten hold of one of their LPs from her French cousin. After all this time I still haven't gotten tired of listening to them. Telephone began in the mid 1970's and were one of the most popular French rock bands ever to tour around the world.

Au Coeur De La Nuit

Saturday, December 13, 2008

LSD A Documentary Report LP

"Actual recordings of people under the influence of psychedelic drugs."
Pretty funny!



From Wikipedia:

"Cluster & Eno is a collaborative album by the German electronic music group Cluster and British ambient musician Brian Eno. The style of this album is a collection of gentle melodies: a mixture of Eno’s ambient sensibilities and Cluster's avant-garde style.

In June, 1977 the duo of Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius joined with Brian Eno for recording sessions at Conny Plank's studio. The first release from those sessions on Sky Records was Cluster & Eno. Guest musicians on the album included Can bassist Holger Czukay and Asmus Tietchens on synthesizer. The association with Eno brought Cluster a much wider audience than previous albums and international attention.

Bryan Reesman, in his editorial review for, writes, in part:

"Meshing Cluster's affinity for loops and repetition and Eno's penchant for processing sounds, the trio proves that ambient music does not merely consist of drawn-out drones and insipid keyboard tapestries. Certainly many of these nine tracks play off of sustained sounds and atmospheres, but their shorter running times make them more digestible, as does their variety of moods and textures. Highlights include the angelic atmosphere of "Für Luise," the classically inspired piano interlude "Mit Samaen," and the Indian-influenced "One," a trippy progenitor of ethnoambient music, ripe with sitar drones, guitar noises, and exotic percussion that features contributions from Okko Becker and Asmus Tietchens."[2]

The American Gyroscope label reissued Cluster & Eno on CD in 1996. The album was also reissued in the United States by the San Francisco based Water label in 2005."

Cluster & Eno

DOWNCAST self titled LP

One of my favourite screamo/political bands of all time is Downcast. This LP was released on Ebullition Records a long time ago and then remixed. This is the original mix.
From the Ebullition Records website:
"The LP cover is also a 20 page booklet that includes lyrics, pictures, and a lot of text written by the band members.

There are two different versions of this LP. The first 3,000 records are scribed as Ebullition #4 on the inner groove of the record. This version had a different mix and doesn't sound all that great. After these were sold the LP was re-mixed and re-mastered, and then it was re-released as Ebullition #6. The only way to tell the difference is to check the scribe on the inner groove.

In the early '90s Downcast toured the United States with Born Against and Rorschach. After their LP was released they then toured Europe.

Downcast also had one song on the Give Me Back comp LP, as well as one song on the Voice Of The Voiceless compilation LP.

After Downcast broke up the various members went on to form Not For The Lack of Trying, Jara, and Born & Raised."