Tuesday, January 6, 2009

HIS HERO IS GONE 15 Counts of Arson

From Epitonic:
Yes, they're from Memphis, Tennessee, but don't expect any Elvis imitators; His Hero Is Gone's songs are powerfully incendiary blitzkriegs of fierce anti-authoritarian, anti-racist, anti-consumerist rage. This band harnesses a hardcore metal pathos that rivals Neurosis and Napalm Death, and like those bands, His Hero Is Gone's music serves as a vehicle for searing, declamatory, far-left social commentary. The music is brooding, primitive and, at times, almost crushingly heavy; the songs range from sluggishly slow to blurry fast, and they are short, incisive, and unapologetically caustic. Guitarist Todd Burdette does the primary roaring and decrying while his brother Paul pounds out propulsive drum rhythms, Carl Auge supplies the epic bass lines and handles the rest of the vocals, and Yannick Lorrain plays a searing razor-edged second guitar.

And We Burn