Wednesday, January 21, 2009

SO INDIE IT HURTS Roir Rocks! Volume One 2008

I love compilations like this CD which was just released 3 weeks ago. Can't wait for more from ROIR. At one time, ROIR was known as the cassette only label. Times have changed. My only complaint is that I wish they had put more bands on the compilation. But at least you can hear James Chance live. Who else can give you the fucked up no wave blues!

01. Big Takeover by Bad Brains
02. Radial Arm Saws by The Styrenes
03. Not Alone by Dub Trio feat. Mike Patton
04. Ha Ha Ha by Flipper
05. Hideous by The Dickies
06. King Of The Gypsies by Johnny Thunders
07. Contort Yourself by James Chance
08. Punch Drunk by Bush Tetras
09. Skunk (Sonically Speaking) by MC5
10. Another Nail In The Coffin by Mirrors
11. Science Gone To Far by The Dictators

Roir Rocks Volume 1


anna ( said...

Thanks for posting about this! There will be more bands soon, as we plan to release more Volumes (Vol 2 is set for this year).

Glad you're enjoying the music!

Anna @ ROIR