Thursday, November 1, 2012

1970's PUNK BREAKOUT Volume 1

I made this compilation about a year ago of a bunch of 1970's obscure punk bands. Enjoy.

1. THE BANNED Little Girl
2. NEON HEARTS Venus Eccentric
3. NEON HEARTS Regulations
4. TITS Daddy is My Pusher
5. THE DOLL Don't Tango on My Heart
6. COLDCOCK I Wanna Be Rich
8. LOCKJAW Radio Call Sign
9. ALGEBRA MOTHERS Strawberry Cheesecake
10. JOHNNY MOPED V.D. Boiler
11. NASAL BOYS Hot Love
12. NASAL BOYS Manifesto
13. NASAL BOYS Jam with Tout la Creme
14. NASAL BOYS This World
15. GOD'S HEART ATTACK Ain't No Hooker
16. ALGEBRA MOTHERS Modern Noise
17. LOCKJAW The Young Ones
18. THE DOLL Trash
19. TITS We're So Glad Elvis is Dead
20. COLDCOCK You're a Mess
21. WALL Uniforms
22. THE ACTION Do the Strangle
23. THE ACTION Downtown Boy
24. PSYCHO SURGEONS Horizontal Action
25. VICTIM I Need You
26. TOOLS Smoke Filled Rooms
27. THE ACTION TV's on the Blink
28. MACHINES True Life
29. VICTIM Why Are Fire Engines Red
30. PSYCHO SURGEONS Wild Weekend