Monday, December 29, 2008

NO NEW YORK Compilation 1978

From Wikipedia:
"No New York is a compilation album released in 1978 by Antilles Records under the curation of producer Brian Eno. Although it only contained songs by four different artists, it is considered by many to be the definitive single album documenting New York City's late-1970s No Wave movement. The album became well-known in underground rock circles..."

1. Dish It Out - James Chance
2. Flip Your Face - James Chance
3. Jaded - James Chance
4. I Can't Stand Myself - James Chance
5. Burning Rubber - Lydia Lunch
6. The Closet - Lydia Lunch
7. Red Alert - Lydia Lunch
8. I Woke up Dreaming - Lydia Lunch
9. Helen Fordsdale - Mars
10. Hairwaves - Mars
11. Tunnel - Mars
12. Puerto Rican Ghost - Mars
13. Egomaniac's Kiss - DNA
14. Lionel - DNA
15. Not Moving - DNA
16. Size - DNA

Flip Your Face


Toxik Boys said...

Hi Michelle :)
Happy New Year to you friend! you're a good person, fraternal greetings!


M said...

Thanks Diego! Happy New Year to you too!