Tuesday, August 12, 2008

KILLED BY DEATH Volume 1 1977 - 1982

If you're into punk rock, especially the earlier and more obscure bands, then you'll know all about the KBD releases. They sell like mad on eBay and now any goon with an old punk record will put "KBD" or "Killed By Death" next to whatever punk LP or 7 inch they are trying to sell, even when it has nothing to do with KBD, maybe to try and squeeze out a few more bucks from some poor sap. I'm still waiting to see an old Green Day 7 inch show up on eBay with a "KBD" next to it. I'm sure someone will do it one day.

Track List:
1. Mad - I Hate Music
2. Hollywood Square - Hillside Strangler
3. The Slugs - Problem Child
4. Vox Pop - Cab Drive
5. The Controllers - (The Original) Neutron Bomb
6. The Dogs - Slash Your Face
7. Gasoline - Killer Man
8. Kraut - Matinee
9. Child Molesters - (I'm The) Hillside Strangler
10. Cold Cock - I Wanna Be Rich
11. The Authorities - Radiation Masturbation
12. The Authorities - I Hate Cops
13. The Nuns - Decadent Jew
14. The Users - Sick Of You
15. Vicious Visions - I Beat You

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I Hate Music


alex said...

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Hi Alex! Wow thanks and thanks for your comment! I'll add your link too!

toxik boys said...

great post michelle

Very good compilation, thanks

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