Thursday, August 28, 2008


If you don't know who Crimpshrine is and you love punk rock, you are probably just listening to poseur bands like My Chemical Romance and wearing black nail polish because it's so emo. That ain't punk, that's poseurs! Crimpshrine was a very early 80's San Francisco Bay area punk band who later influenced all the guys who made the world love pop punk - the frontmen of Operation Ivy and Green Day among others. Aaron Cometbus, one of the most well known zine editors, writers and book publishers in the underground literary world, was the drummer of Crimpshrine along with none other than guitarist Jeff Ott of Fifteen. You've probably seen Aaron's handwritten font on many punk LPs and 7 inch records over the years. Unfortunately for its fans, Crimpshrine had only one tour in 1988 which turned out to be their last.
(I hope Aaron doesn't come back to Pensacola and kick my ass for posting these. If he does I will blame it on Al Barkley!)

1. Walk Away
2. Wake Up
3. Another Day
4. RDC
5. Over The Years
6. Can You Feel That
7. I Don't Know Why
8. My Friend
9. Tomorrow

(I fixed the link! 8/29/08)

Can You Feel That