Tuesday, August 5, 2008

DECONSTRUCTION self titled 1994

In the Dream 6 blog, Johnette Napolitano also mentioned the only full length release by Deconstruction, a CD that got very little airplay except for the occasional nod from college radio. Dave Navarro played guitar along with his childhood friend Eric Avery on bass and Michael Murphy on drums. Check this out - it's dark, heavy and damned good. Gibby Hanes from The Butthole Surfers makes a guest appearance on the record in the song Fire in the Hole. Deconstruction was produced by Rick Rubin, most well known for his work with The Beastie Boys.

Fire In The Hole

And here are 5 demos from Deconstruction.

1. Iris
2. America
3. Jealous Song
4. One
5. Untitled

Deconstruction demos


tromeo said...

thanx for sharing this album.. i´ve been looking for it a few years-
greetings from mexico

Brian said...

Hey, thanks a lot for this. Do you also have the Eric Avery Polar Bear Chewing Gum EP and Why Something Instead of Nothing? album? If you could upload those, that would be great. If you prefer to do it anonymously, my e-mail is synthisislab@yahoo.com

Thanks again.

Michelle said...

Sorry, I don't have those albums but wish I did! Thanks for checking out my blog. Hope you find those one day!

freakbox3ree said...

Wow! Looking forward to hearing these demos, the record is one of my favorites. Such a shame it went virtually unnoticed!