Thursday, August 21, 2008

THE DICKS 1980 - 1986

"Hate the Police" 7 inch

You got to love any band that calls itself The Dicks! They have some of the funniest song titles like "Dicks Hate the Police" and "Shit on Me" and "I Hope You Get Drafted." Snotty and obnoxious!

Shit On Me


Nathan Nothin said...

Tried to grab the Dicks (oh, that doesn't sound right), got a list of your sharefiles but didn't see no hate fer cops???
Maybe I'm more screwed up than usual, I'm just checkin'

Michelle said...

I think I goofed. I will reup! Thanks for letting me know NathanØ!

Michelle said...

Link has been fixed.

Nathan Nothin said...

Got it.
You're welcome.
& thanks.