Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sorry "Imaginary Friend"

Sorry formed in Boston back in the 1980's. I originally got to check them out on another blog and found they stood out as more energetic and pulled no punches when it came to interpreting the Boston punk scene in their own unique way.
After the band called it quits, David Kleiler and Chuck Hahn eventually moved on to play in the Volcano Suns.
Sorry vocalist Jon Easley went on to play in the more popular and successful
NYHC sXe style band Burn before passing away in 1998.
The record label Radiobeat released "Imaginary Friend". I don't think punk fans will be disappointed with this under-appreciated 80's band. Check 'em out!



michaelDUSTdevil said...

Jon also sang in my band DUSTdevils for a while... & also in Crown Heights... Mxxx

mdsgcg said...
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mdsgcg said...

cool post; did sorry release any other albums; if so what are they called and is where can we hear>?

C. Knight said...

They released another album, "The Way It Is" which had a more polished sound but was still damn good and ahead of its time. They have a myspace which is ran by the notoriously sweet Dave Kleiler.