Sunday, June 8, 2008

Iranian Death Metal

Among the crowded streets of its capital Tehran, on to Isfahan and up northeast to Mashad near the Turkmenistan border, death metal is thriving in a place of the world you'd never thought possible - Iran. In an area of the world many people find mysterious and misunderstood, lies a way of life that is much more like our own here in the U.S.A. than we ever could imagine.
Even in a country where religion seems to rule the land, bands like Arsames, ArthimotH and SDS aren't letting the mollahs get in the way of their desire to create a new life through their music and self expression while resisting the status quo.

Here is Arsames during practise in Mashad

Arsames website

Listen to their song Cyclopia here.

SDS (Seven Deadly Sins) from Isfahan

ArthimotH Baptized video


al sobrante said...

ufff what a video! I see you linked me to your blog, cool bro! Now your linked to mine.. look for a shout box, that always help.. keep it metal!!!

M said...

Muchisamas gracias por la conexión!