Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Maggot Sandwich "Get Off the Stage" 1987

Formed in 1984 here in Pensacola, Florida, Maggot Sandwich became the most well known punk band in the state. Formed by Vik Kaos and his brother Steev, Maggot Sandwich was not the first name for the band. When they first started jamming together, they called the band Kaos but it turned out there were a lot of bands with that name already so they went with the tasty Maggot Sandwich. Vik Kaos formed his own label, KML Records, around 1985 and released a 7 inch, Dead To My World. Five hundred copies were pressed. Two years later, the full length LP Get Off the Stage was released. Around this time I believe Vik Kaos published a zine called Maggot Sandwich. Speaking of zines, MS received several record reviews in Maximum Rock n Roll, including a Pensacola scene report. They opened for a lot of bands you already love: Suicidal Tendencies, Dead Kennedys, Adrenalin O.D., SNFU, Government Issue, The Descendants, Agnostic Front, DRI, Henry Rollins, Bad Brains , Circle Jerks and Raw Power.
In the mid-90's, I was working in a local indy record store when someone came across an old stash of Maggot Sandwich LPs, 7 inchers of Headless Marines and a ton of Headless Marines and Maggot Sandwich stickers. We ended up selling the whole stash which made us feel a bit nostalgic for the old days. Enjoy!



whatinspiresu said...

thanks much! this is so damn hard to find!