Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dust self titled 1971

Dust released only 2 albums on Kama Sutra guessed it...turning to dust, which was a shame. Out of the tons of psychedelic rock bands that were churning out records back in the psychedelic era, Dust was among the cream of the crop. Mark Bell, the drummer, went on to play in Richard Hell and the Voidoids and worked with The Ramones. I think one of the best things about this LP was the bluesy slide guitar that really jazzed up its sound. I ripped this self titled LP from the vinyl and tracks three and four run together so your download will show only six tracks when there are truly seven on the LP. Cracks and pops are free! Enjoy!

1. Stone Woman 4.00
2. Chasin' Ladies 3.33
3. Goin' Easy 4.30
4. Love Me Hard 5.25
5. From A Dry Camel 9.47
6. Often Shadows Felt 5.08
7. Loose Goose 3.54