Saturday, June 13, 2009


Serpico's final release was Rumble on Equal Vision Records. It wasn't long after that that Serpico called it quits. After all these years I still listen to my Serpico CDs and still have my 7 inch records. In 1995 - 1996, I began corresponding with John Lisa and Michael DeLorenzo, both guitarists in the band. Often, Michael would call me up during the day when he worked at a New York comic book store, no doubt running up their long distance phone bill. He sent me the LP of his new band, C.R., which was a far cry from Serpico. The band was also featured in my zine, Trailer Trash #4. Unfortunately I never got to see them live. And I had to get over my girl crush on Michael who never knew about my crush.
In January 2009, Serpico reunited for a one night show at Martini Red, a Staten Island club. Telenko, the original singer also known as Apples, was there. There is also an interesting interview with the band. Someone even made a video of the reunion.


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