Friday, June 12, 2009

CHROME Alien Soundtracks & Alien Soundtracks II

Alien Soundtracks & Alien Soundtracks II CD (Dossier DCD 9011) was my special weapon during my record store managing days. If one of our regular annoying customers would come in, I'd put this CD on to try and run them out of the store. Sometimes it worked. This still is one of my favourite Chrome releases, and I upped this one because I didn't see this particular version on any other blog. At the punk rock club where I'd often go see bands after work, I would always play a long Chrome song to get more out of my hard earned quarter. Enjoy! And leave a comment, for Damon's sake!


Michelle said...

Chrome Alien Soundtracks

Chrome Alien Soundtracks II

icastico said...


prosthetic eyes said...

Nice, I've been looking for this chrome album (yeah, I know, not very hard...). Thanks! Check out my blog if you want.
I mostly post sludge metal and post punk...weird mix, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

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firstorb said...

been looking for part 2 for a while..THANKS!!