Sunday, June 21, 2009


Man Will Surrender Instrument EP
Conversion Records 1994

Lance Webber: Vocals
Frosty (Chain of Strength): Guitar
Ron Vickers: Bass
Bryan Bos: Percussion
"Growls" on Unknown Travel by Tim Russell

Castrato EP 1995
Conversion Records

Lance: Vocals
Frosty: Guitar
Rob: Drums
Ron Vickers: Bass

Five On The Dime
1996 Equal Vision Records

Lance: Vocals
Frosty: Guitar
Scott Ellis: Drums
Ron Vickers: Bass


Michelle said...

Toxik Boys said...

I dont know why the people dont leave a comment for this one.

Cheers Michelle!

Anonymous said...

Draging this up in the hope someone can help me find these EP's? Heard them on a 411 VM video years ago and loved them.

Temocore said...

I had these stored on my hard drive and I got it stolen so I'd appreciate it if you repost a link to download'em, I can't find the cds anywhere. Thanks!

Salmagundi Syncopation said...

Hey Temocore - You can find these reupped on my other blog - I Hate the 90s -

Temocore said...

I had already, thanks a lot Salmagundi! Lots of great stuff on your blog!