Tuesday, September 9, 2008

TALKIN TRASH Lookey Dookey 1956 - 1964

Oh Lawdy! It's been a long long time since I heard these gems released by Crypt Records, a record label that is still going strong today! About 10 years ago when I was slaving away at a record store grudgingly selling NOFX and Pennywise CDs and being asked which Pennywise CD was the best one (I'd just pick the one with the prettiest cover), I got hooked like heroin to most anything that Crypt Records released, especially the compilations of rare old R&B that was greasy, sleazy and damned sinful! Grab you a slab o' ribs and some cornbread and turn this up loud! It's lip smackin' greasy good music that'll stick to your ribs!

1. Bunker Hill: The Girl Can't Dance
2. Guitar Crusher: The Monkey
3. Rex Garvin: Oh Yeah!
4. Continentals: Don't Do It Baby
5. King Coleman: Lookey Dookey
6. L.C. McKinley: Nit Wit
7. Louis Jones: Rock 'N' Roll Bells
8. Premiers: Run Along Baby
9. Sammy Fitzhugh: Sadie Mae
10. Nightriders: Lookin' For My Baby
11. Bobby Louis: Fire Of Love
12. Bobby Long & His Satellites: Mojo Workout
13. Big Jay Mercer: Bermudas
14. Olympics: Talkin' Trash
15. Pigmeat Markham: Your Wire's Been Tapped
16. King Coleman: Alley Rat
17. Evelyn Freeman: Didn't In Rain
18. Mr. Wiggles: Homeboy
19. Morine & The Zercons: Let A Woman Through
20. John Tee: Roll Dem Bones
21. Reverend Lofton & His Holy Travellers: Look To Jesus
22. Morine & The Zercons: Show Me Where It's At
23. Melvin Smith: Ugly George
24. Claude Cloud: Hobo
25. Rudy Ray Moore: Step It Up And Go
26. The Royal Jokers: You Tickle Me Baby
27. McKinley Mitchell: Rock Everybody Rock
28. Wailin Bill Dell: You Gotta Be Loose
29. Little Cameron: She's Leaving
30. Volcanoes: Oh Oh Mojo
31. Portuguese Joe: Teenage Riot
32. Bill Johnson: You Better Dig It
33. Billy Lamont: Hear Me Now
34. Emmet Lord: Women

Your Wire's Been Tapped