Sunday, September 21, 2008

SPACEHEADS self titled CD 1995

Spaceheads is one of the most unusual and original bands to hit the music scene of the 1990's. Seriously. The quirky trumpet and rat a tat tat of the drums mesh together surprisingly well. You definitely won't hear anything like this anywhere else but on a Spaceheads CD. Andy Diagram's trumpet is played through electronics (whammy harmonizer pedal and echo machine loops) and somehow he manages to sing in between blasts of brass. You won't hear a bass player on this record and there is no need for one - you'll hear why. Onstage they have no need for fancy hype like go-go girls dancing inside cages. You'll just need to expect unbridled weirdness that only Spaceheads could master!

" The Spaceheads are among the most compelling projects of the past decade, naturally bringing together several different vital elements of the underground music zeitgeist in a remarkably organic, refreshingly original, and completely addictive fashion. The collaboration features trumpeter Andy Diagram, a onetime member of the classic British psych-pop ensemble James who also records with ex-Pere Ubu frontman David Thomas as 2 Pale Boys, and percussionist Richard Harrison, who has worked with everyone from God Is My Co-Pilot to Graham Massey (of 808 State) to Stereolab. They formed their partnership while playing in a noisy new wave/post-punk band called Dislocation Dance during the '80s. Following this, the duo formed a band called The Honkies which featured the two of them plus a pair of sax players and which recorded intermittently before burning out in the mid '90s. Then in 1989 Diagram and Harrison started recording alone as Spaceheads.
Diagram's echo-looped trumpet is the comet darting across the hot star-flecked night sky, while a wash of skittering techno sounds creeps below. Spaceheads tunes are funky and deep, they're dangerous and tense, they're spacey and cosmic, and they're peaceful and meditative, all at once. "
Jesse Ashlock on

Down In Outer Space