Tuesday, September 16, 2008

DASTAN TRIO Journey To Persia 2003

Dastan Trio's release, Journey To Persia, is simply incredible. I've been privileged to listen to many Persian artists' CDs, but I'd have to say this is the best one I've heard. The music is absolutely beautiful and addicting.
It's also interesting to hear and experience the parallels between this music and Spanish flamenco compositions. The Tar is a wonderful instrument that has a soul and a heart and you can hear the emotion in each vibration of its strings. At times, I could swear it actually has a voice and is singing.
"Founded in 1991, "the almighty Dastan is perhaps the most forward-thinking group of its kind, re-establishing a repertoire of Persian classical music while using its fundamentals of melodic, rhythmic and dynamic variation to develop new forms and combined sonorities. The ensemble's structured improvisations are performed by several of the very best of the contemporary Persian musicians including Hamid Motebassem on Tar and Setar, Hossein Behroozi-Nia on barbat, and Pejman Hadadi on tombak" (John Payne, LA Weekly)

Thanks to We Love Music blog for this.

Track Listing
1. Prelude to Dastgah-E Mahur
2. Seven-Beat Rhythm
3. Gousheh Daad
4. Gousheh Khosravani
5. Gousheh Neyriz and Shekasteh
6. Modulation to Maqaam-E Afshari
7. Shirazi Song
8. Shurideh
9. Modulation to Dastgah-E Homayoon
10. Midnight Sun
11. Finale in Dastagh-E Mahur

Journey To Persia


dugg said...

couldn't agree more- this trio plays some of the most amazing, powerful Persian music ever recorded.
thanks for the chance to hear them again!