Monday, July 14, 2008

Quit "Earlier Thoughts" 1996

This Miami band released their only CD back in 1996 on the Rojo Label. In the style of earlier Green Day and Dag Nasty, this band put together some of the tightest and catchiest pop punk tunes that just stick in your head.

Earlier Thoughts


Anonymous said...

Holy crap. Thank you. I have the original release of "Earlier Thoughts" issued without the tracks "Remember" and "Searching" as well as two well-worn bootlegs of their shows in Gainesville, Florida.

Steve Neurotic said...


Double Cough...


Michelle said...

Steve, try some cough meds. It might clear up your coughing fits. :)
I uploaded Quit from my personal CD.

Aaron said...

Quit made one of the best punk albums ever. Earlier Thoughts rocks.

Anyone have Quit unreleased material, videos or cool stories?