Wednesday, July 2, 2008


We love that you're downloading all of this great music but we want to hear from you too. Say hello, offer a thanks or leave a comment. We want to know you're out there. So are you out there? Let us know! Communicate!


Nathan Nothin said...

Sal Sync,

Nathan Nothin here! Just saw your blog listed on Freewave & came to check it out as it sounded by the brief description to be right up (or down) my alley.

Saw several things that caught my eye (I'm downloading The Cows 1st right now). Just wanted to say thanks & great musick. I'll put a link on mine but I wouldn't hold my breath for many comments.

But as you said on your 1st post, "this blog will help me deal with my addiction to music...& maybe turn some other people around the world onto some music they may not have heard before." That is exactly how I feel & is the really right spirit to this musick blog thing.

Best now & the future. I'll be around. Communicate, shit, what a concept.

Michelle said...

Hey Nathan Nothin, thanks for the compliments on my blog! Enjoy the music and thanks for adding my link. Yours is added too.

Mike Nobody said...

Yes, I am here.