Saturday, July 12, 2008

New York Thrash - Various Artists 1982

Original liner notes by Tim Sommers from the ROIR cassette only release:

"What you hear on this cassette documents the change that came about that shook the ossified New York scene to its very foundation. By 1981 New York had developed one of the best REAL punk scenes in the whole country - and hopefully this tape can finally prove it to those who weren't here to see it and still won't believe it. New York Punk/Hardcore was honest, truly unique - and it fucking kicked, kicked down the doors and the discos and the trendies - and it was real in a way that will never, never tarnish."

Recorded in concert in Raleigh, North Carolina on August 31, 1981. This is the original cassette version with 22 tracks. The CD re-release has 2 bonus tracks.

New York Thrash was later released on CD by ROIR, a punk label that originally only released cassettes.

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