Thursday, March 31, 2011


At the University of West Florida's exemplary library , located here in Pensacola, Florida, I found a DVD of Vintage Oil Industry Cartoons which span from 1935 to 1956. I decided to share the DVD here because it's an interesting foray into early and mid 20th century propaganda. The film also has other engaging hallmarks including the graphics and artwork. Check it out - it's upped to Mediafire for fast download.

Rare Petroleum & Oil Industry Propaganda Cartoon Collection (from Oil & Energy Propaganda Films Collection)
Cartoons and Animation Table of Contents: (1) Down the Gasoline Trail (1935) - Cartoon that follows the life of a drop of gasoline as it travels through a car. Fascinating film to say the least. Length: 00:07:57 (2) Destination Earth (1956) - Aliens come to Earth and learn how humans need oil to survive. Classic propaganda here. Length: 00:13:36 (3) Extra (Esso Screen Ad) (1938) - Short ad with animation by Esso Gasoline Company. Length: 00:01:00 (4) Inside Story of Modern Gasoline (1946) - Shows how gasoline is used and and how it is refined. Length: 00:22:31

DVD is approximately 45 minutes.