Friday, March 25, 2011

The Best Hotel on Skid Row 1990

Filmed in and narrated by Charles Bukowski, The Best Hotel on Skid Row
was released in 1990 by HBO's America Undercover series. The movie revolves around a group of characters who live in an old crumbling hotel in downtown Los Angeles, skid row central.
It's an interesting 48 minutes of voyeurism, peeking into the lives of the down and out and struggling.
There could not be a better choice for narrating the film that Charles Bukowski. Wow. Perfect.


Salmagundi Syncopation said...



You rock. This is one of my favorite documentaries. I'll be watching it again as soon as I'm done dl'ing.

앤서니 said...

nice one, michelle... ^_^

Salmagundi Syncopation said...

Thanks ya'll. Glad you enjoyed it! I did too. Might watch it again. Love the narration by Bukowski. He had such an unusual delivery.