Thursday, December 10, 2009

JIMI HENDRIX Loose Ends 1970

A few years ago I was in a pawn shop looking for rare CDs to sell and found a copy of this Hendrix LP in a stack of otherwise crappy records. This LP cover is of the French release. Different covers can be found in the download file. I really loved this record because it was not polished and you can hear Jimi talking and laughing and making jokes between songs. Buddy Miles also appears on this release.


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Hey Michelle,
Thanks for all the nice comments over at NSS.
I got your letter today. Awesome mail art & great goodies inside. I'll send something your way as soon as I have time to get it together.
Hang tough, baby.


When I came by to post up this season's greeting, I wasn't sure if you checked back on your comments or not, but then I saw you dumped that spam comment so here it is...Hope this Holidaze season sheds some sunlight on your life. I am nothin' to the unwashed masses. I am only something to those you matter, & this means Y-O-U.

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