Tuesday, December 8, 2009

IN MY EYES Nothing To Hide 2000

Boston sXe hardcore


Michelle said...


Zorch said...

Hi Michelle,

I really like your blog and I'm hoping you'll like my experimental/noise rock duo Zorch, based in Austin, TX. If you like it, please post it!
You can listen to it at www.myspace.com/zzoorrcchh or download it for free in both high quality and mp3 format here - http://zzoorrcchh.com/demo/ddoowwnnllooaadd.html. Also posted are all of the stems from the demo (keyboard, drums and vocals separate) for remix. The demo was tracked live to tape at Cacophony studios, here in Austin, TX. If you do decide to post any of this please let us know (zzoorrcchh@gmail.com) and we'll send you a herd of puppies

Best Regards,


the wounded squirrel said...

Great, great record...its what 19 minutes long!