Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ASSÜCK Misery Index 1997

An anecdote follows about ASSÜCK:
I was slaving away at $5.85 an hour in 1997 working for the cheapest jerk in town at his oh so swanky record store. We sold a shitload of ASSÜCK LPs - yes, the vinyl sold more than the CD version did. An old man strolled in one afternoon, a chap I'd never seen before. He walked into the vinyl room and grabbed ASSÜCK and brought it up to the counter. Okay, that's a first, I thought! I asked him if there was anything else I could help him with and he answered with a curt "No!" He said nothing else, grabbed the record and walked out.
My guess is that it was a pissed off preacher who was going to take it to his next sermon, wailing over the devil corrupting kid's lives.
I never found out what this man's deal was or why he was so abrupt with me. He sure seemed pissed off. I did tell him to enjoy his record as he stomped out.


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