Tuesday, February 17, 2009


New, fast, & loud from Pensacola, FL!
Review from Metal Maniacs (!): "With spastic energy and a tone that'll raise neck hairs, these crazies rip through seven tracks of modern post-grindcore mayhem along the line of Hellnation, Combat Wounded Veteran, and early Orchid, with a nod to the stuff that Rorschach and Deadguy started but Converge got recognition for. The New Wave Blasphemy come out fighting from the get go and mercilessly bash you into the dirt repeatedly until you tap out. A killer blend of ear-bleeding high-end, stop/start grinding powerviolence and a punk rock attitude... and it looks as though I have a contender for the song title of the year: "We'll stab you in the neck because everyone else will stab you in the back." (Not like I really keep track of this for any awards ceremony. Maybe next year.)

To that I'll add they are right up there with Diskonto, Doom and Massgrav.

They have a 7 inch available through No Idea Records out of Gainesville.

I Want My Metal Like My Coffee