Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Attitude is a 2003 documentary about the skinhead subculture, made by Daniel Schweizer. It outlines the history of 40 years of the skinhead subculture, beginning with the most recent versions of the culture. One of the topics it explores is the political component, which ranges from far left to far right. The film describes the transformation and radicalisation of this youth subculture.


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Hi M,
Finally managed to offload a stack of music from my hard drive, have a tidy up - squeeze the last few MB's out of my monthly download allowance just before month end. Documentary looks exceedingly good from the snatches i've glimpsed so far. Hoping to sit back and watch it properly within the next few days. "Go raibh mile mile maith agaibh" - as they say (i think that's right!) over here. (I really should be certain, considering my Mother was born about 30 miles away from where i'm living!). Hope you're keeping well. Am trying to organise some awareness this side of the Atlantic for George by the way. Will keep you posted. Best Wishes. J / Footprint.