Tuesday, September 21, 2010

CHARLES BUKOWSKI Poems and Insults

This post is dedicated to my best buddy who without his ability to make things so much better, I would believe that shit and death is everywhere.


Salmagundi Syncopation said...



You're the greatest. Now I owe you one. This weekend I'll give you 90 Minutes in Hell.

Salmagundi Syncopation said...

:) thanks darling!

Viacomclosedmedown on youtube said...

I remember being laid out on a nest chair out of work having a drink and reading some Bukowski I totally dug that whole scenario...timeless really. Thank you beautiful starlet

biopunk said...



check out the comments over at NSS for the Hank post (comment #2...kool). & thanks for the grab bag...er, grab box. it was thrilling opening it & hours of fun. most of all thanks for the Ishmael Reed book. I've been looking for that everytime i'm in a used book shop. i have mumbo jumbo, it's one of my faves...always wanted last days of LA Red.

Salmagundi Syncopation said...

NØ -
So glad you liked the grab box. For some reason, I had a feeling you wanted the Ismael Reed book. That's just weird.
And sent "Monkey Wrench Gang" because we'd talked about it before. Great book.