Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Story of Menstruation 1946

As schoolchildren, little girls like myself were subjected to The Talk. Lectures about menstruation were in our near future. Oh horror of horrors it was to hear about how we were going to have to go through this and boys didn't have to.
When I was a kid, I moved around a lot. I wasn't subjected to The Talk at school once. I had it at least twice. First was an elementary school. A note was sent home to our parents to let them know we were going to see a film on having our periods. Menstruation wasn't something we girls went on and on about. We just knew we didn't want to go through with it. I mean it sounded horrible.
When I got to junior high 7th grade I was subjected to The Talk again. This time teachers took us to the auditorium and told us all about what Alice Cooper sang about in this video.
The one thing that stuck in my head that a teacher told us was "You're going to get cramps and you might want to take some aspirin for it. But don't do that. You can just deal with it."
The only thing I wanted to deal with was sticking a maxi pad on her forehead and getting a morphine IV drip.