Thursday, February 25, 2010

DALTONIC 7 inch compilations 1992 - 1994

See comments for a download of the all the singles or click on each song to download it one by one.

Colorblind & Daltonic were primarily the same band. We needed to change the name due to a conflict with another band. Daltonic was a better name anyway.

In 1992, Daltonic recorded a 4 song demo “Revolution Wind” (Skott Wade - vocals, Brian Hull - drums, Jon D’Uva - Guitar, Mike Issler - Bass & Guitar).

1. Mercy, 2.Grain of Sand, 3.Countdown, 4.Hard.

Hard was later released on a Suburban Voice 7″ compilation w/ Verbal Assault & Shattered Silence.

June of 1993, Daltonic (Skott Wade - vocals, Brian Hull - drums, Jon D’Uva - Guitar, Tim Cabana - Bass) once again went into the studio and recorded 4 new songs for a 7″ which was released in 1994 on Suburban Voice.

1. The Blind Lead the Blind, 2. Rebound, 3. Brothers and Sisters, 4. Sunset.

January 1994, Daltonic (Skott Wade - vocals, Brian Hull - drums, Jon D’Uva - Guitar, Tim Cabana - Bass) re-recorded Grains of Sand along with 2 new songs for our 2nd 7″ which was released later in 1994 by David Grenier on his old Vigilance Records label.

1. Rhinestone, 2. Grains of Sand, 3. Effort.

June-July 1994, Daltonic went on the “Lookin’ for Luv” US tour. The guitarist at the time Jon D’Uva was the only person with the forethought of realizing how bad the tour was going to be and he declined to go with us. Therefore Skott kicked him out of the band, Tim Cabana played guitar and Aaron Dalbec of Converge fame played bass for us during the tour. Our van broke down in Las Vegas and after losing 75 cents in a slot machine my gambling experience in Vegas was over. We rented a van to finish the tour costing the band (meaning me) many, many hundreds of dollars. I still have yet to be paid back. Thanks guys!

The experience of being in Daltonic was awesome, my first “real band”. And in 1995, the band went its separate ways. Several years later Skott reformed the band with completely new members and wrote all new music. I’m still wondering why they were called Daltonic.

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