Tuesday, July 14, 2009

NATIVE NOD Today Puberty Tomorrow The World

From Wikipedia:

Native Nod were an emocore band formed in the early 90's based in the New York / New Jersey area where they'd often play shows. Their discography Today Puberty, Tomorrow The World is often considered one of the milestones in emo. Their music is a mix of dynamic slowed-down melodic parts, sometimes with spoken word vocals and fast energetic parts with half-screaming vocals. Their lyrics are well-worded, sometimes cryptic and hard to decipher. With their innovative style they heavily influenced the hardcore scene long before the term became a commercial success.

In their short lifetime as a band they only released 9 songs, divided amongst the 3 seven inch EPs Bread, Answers, and Lower GI Bleed. These 9 songs can be found on the Gern Blandsten Records discography Today Puberty, Tomorrow The World.

Chris Leo moved on to form The Van Pelt and later The Lapse, today performing as "Vague Angels". Dave Lerner joined Ted Leo and the Pharmacists and plays guitar and sings in "Spectacular Bird." Chris and Danny Leo are the brothers of Ted Leo. Danny Leo formed "tHE hOLY cHILDHOOD" and plays drums in "Dutchess" and "the Gang". Justin Simon played in We Acediasts while living in Japan, and now lives in New York, runs Mesh-Key Records and plays guitar in "Invisible Conga People."


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